Lukas Kuzmiak


Lukas is the president and co-founder of the nonprofit. He uses his organizational and leadership skills to help with the legal requirements and day to day orchestration that the nonprofit needs to run smoothly. His passion for the nonprofit and bearded dragon care came with his personal experience of losing a young dragon to ADV due to improper breeding and prior care. Lukas has four dragons at home, where he also helps rescue and rehabilitate dragons in Las Vegas, NV.

Jessica Galie


Jessica uses her knowledge and love of biology, through research, to help advance the quality of husbandry advice being distributed. Jessica is also a keeper and breeder of several species of New Caledonia. Jessica lives in Florida where she is the slave to her two beautiful female dragons, Twink and Blair.

Michel Quiroz


Michel started her journey with advocating for dragon care with her very first bearded dragon. Shortly after adding him to her family, he was diagnosed with CANV (a deadly disease known as Yellow Fungus). Spurred by helping her own dragon, her passion is to research more into this and other diseases and how to fight them. She lives in Las Vegas with her three dragons, one of which is still the first dragon who she helped fight CANV and is now doing well.