Bearded Dragons in need

Since we started our journey to help bearded dragons, we found that a considerable number of dragons need to be rescued. Because of this, we created a rescue to provide the care that these dragons need before they can find a forever home.

The rescue

The rescue started very naturally for our organization. As we began to help dragon owners online, people naturally reached out to us when they found a dragon in need. These dragons range from healthy dragons who just need love and care to dragons who are severely neglected and need emergency treatment.

The process

The rescue process starts when we get news about a dragon in need. We find out as much about the history as we can. How old is the dragon? What was its living conditions like? And more. Then, once we get the dragon, we evaluate what condition it appears to be in. First, we weigh, bathe, and hydrate each dragon. Then, we check for immediate signs of disease or parasites. Once we can know how urgent their immediate care plan is, we set a time for them to visit a vet.

In our care

Once a dragon is in our care, we work closely with our veterinarian partners at Aloha Animal Hospital.

Together, we set up a plan to prepare each dragon to be ready to find its forever home.

Each dragon has its own, properly sized enclosure, uv and heat lights, and interior enrichment items, like hides and hammocks. When with us, the dragons get a mixture of fresh greens, squash and some fruit, along with healthy feeders, like roaches, as well as a proper vitamin and calcium supplement schedule. We also believe that it is important to handle each dragon daily to ensure that they will make amazing pets for their new owners when they are ready to leave our care.

Finding a new home

Once a dragon is healthy and ready to leave us, we have an adoption program to find the right homes for our dragons. This process includes an application. This is to verify that the new owner knows how to properly care for their new pet. We make sure that they have a proper set up ready before they are re-homed. Also, we ask applicants to provide information for a vet that they will be using, should the need arise. The new owners of these dragons are very special to us. We really appreciate anyone who is willing to open their hearts to one of our rescues. If you are interested in adopting a dragon, visit our available for adoption page.

If you would like to help our rescue, please consider donating to help us continue saving bearded dragons.