The problem

One thing that first stood out to us as we created the group was: the wide-spread misinformation about bearded dragon care.

Each pet store recommends different care, and even more confusing information is found by searching on the internet. Because of this, ensuring that a new bearded dragon owner learns the correct care is very difficult. Improper care, especially in the early ages of a bearded dragon’s life, can lead to life long problems and disabilities. These are typically avoidable diseases, like metabolic bone disease or gout.

Our group

One way that we are fighting this is through our facebook group that started the whole nonprofit. There, we have thousands of active dragon owners who we are helping learn more about caring for their bearded dragon pets. Each day, new members are joining and learning our approach to dragon care.

Our goal is simple, to teach the basics that will help any owner provide a long and healthy life for their dragon, by removing as many risks to their health as possible.

In this group, we go over proper lighting, diet, husbandry and more.

The reptile community

Another area we are fighting misinformation is in pet stores. We are working to distribute uniformed care information. The goal is to provide information throughout the United States in small and large pet stores alike. Through partnerships, we would like to stop misinformation at the first source that owners get their care advice, the pet stores where they bought their pets. Therefore, we believe that one of the most important goals of our nonprofit is to educate the community. Because, this alone will improve the quality of life for bearded dragons all over the world.