How we got into saving bearded dragons and educating owners around the world.

Our Beginnings

Our non-profit got its start from a facebook group. The goal for the group was to create a place for new owners to come and learn how to properly care for these reptiles. The group quickly gained in popularity and reached over 12,000 members by November of that year. As a result, the team continually saw how large the need was for our group in the bearded dragon community.

Daily, as we educated new owners, we heard the same stories over and over. Unfortunately, most owners received the wrong information from big-box, pet retailers. Also, what was more frustrating, they found conflicting information online! Because of this, many dragons got sick and some even died. At this point, as we slowly started helping the members and rescuing dragons, we realized there was a better way to help more dragons. We decided the best option was to form a non-profit.

The Non-profit

As a result, on November 27, 2017 Bearded Dragon Inc. officially became a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Then, we began our mission to saving as many bearded dragons as possible and educating their owners.

We built our mission around three main pillars. We find that these are the most common areas of need surrounding bearded dragon care. They are: information distribution, research and development, and rescue and rehabilitation.

As we continue to grow and build out each program, we see that the need is greater than we imagined. We will continue to keep our supporters updated on our work. Also, we would like to share the progress we make as we help the bearded dragon community world-wide.

Most importantly, we want to take a moment to thank each person who donated to help our cause, and thank you to our facebook team who help make this possible.

Get Involved

Please consider joining our community, and please get involved with our cause.  Visit our rescue stories page to find rescues that are available for adoption. Together, we can help change how bearded dragons receive care in captivity.