We got Brutus with our sweet rescue Popeye. Both Brutus and Popeye were found in a local ad. We reached out to see if we could take both of these sweet dragons and help them.

They needed us. They were cohabited and living in poor conditions, even though the owner wanted what was best for them, she was sadly misinformed about the proper care or setup.

When we got Brutus, he was obviously the dominant dragon. Therefore, he was fairly healthy. This is because he got most of the resources in their enclosure for the three years that they lived together.

Since separating Popeye and Brutus, we have seen improvement in Brutus’s behavior. Brutus was stressed living with another dragon, even though he was dominant. He was always trying to compete to live.

Today, Brutus has his own enclosure, his own food bowl, his own light source. He can now enjoy life without the stress that cohabiting places on a dragon.

UPDATE: Brutus has been adopted! We are so happy that he found a forever home!