Jasper was found on craigslist by a member of our facebook group Bearded Dragon Inc.

This member reached out to the Bearded Dragon Foundation non-profit to try and save this beardie. Jasper was cohabited with a more dominant bearded dragon for the majority of his life. He lived on aspen bedding and  was suffering from a growth stunt as a result of the other bearded dragon stealing all of the heat, UVB, and food.

Sadly, also, due to Jasper being cohabited, half of his tail was bit off. It was at this time Jasper was separated from his roommate. The owner did not provide Jasper with proper UVB, further stunting his growth. Jasper is almost one year of age and the size of a six month old bearded dragon and he will never get any bigger. Jasper has had to live in pain and fear most of his short life.

However, due to the generous donations of the nonprofit’s supporters a, board member made the 110 mile round trip to rescue him. Donations also paid for Jasper’s UVB and heat fixture. Jasper will be rehabbed and adopted out to a good home, one educated on bearded dragon care.

Before any of our rescues are re-homed, the nonprofit ensures the proper care and set-up is provided for the rescue.

In Jasper’s case,  we will ask certain questions and a complete setup picture will be provided to show where he is going to live. If the criteria is not met, we will continue to look for the proper home for Jasper.

In the mean time Jasper is safe, fed, kept at the right temperatures, and has proper UVB. If you want to support bearded dragons like Jasper please donate or consider adoption for dragons like Jasper.