Joel came to us through a local pet store that we partner with. Often, our partners receive dragons from owners who surrender them and need a place for them to go.

When we got to the pet store, we learned more about the conditions that he was in. He was surrendered in a tank with an inch of sitting water at the bottom. The water was filled with feces, dead crickets, and pellet food.

Despite the conditions that he arrived in, Joel looked like a pretty healthy dragon. But as usual, we gave him a fecal and found a lot of coccidia. We were able to treat it and get him to the vet.

At the vet, we were able to confirm that besides the coccidia, Joel was healthy. We cared for him for almost two months to ensure he was continuing to be healthy, then put him up for adoption.

We are happy to announce that before long, he was adopted and is now in a wonderful, loving home.