Rocco has a different story. Even as a new hatchling, Rocco had great care. The reason we got Rocco was because of his attitude. Rocco was a difficult baby dragon. He was very aggressive and would bite at any opportunity. However, Rocco was very cute, and his bites didn’t hurt too bad yet.

Luckily, over the first few months, we were able to tame Rocco to where he can be held! Now, Rocco still occasionally is scared when he is held, but doesn’t try and attack anymore.

It is fairly common for a baby dragon to be aggressive. This is how they respond to fear. Sadly, this can be very discouraging to new owners who want to bond with their babies. There are many ways to help calm an aggressive dragon. Honestly, patience and time is often the best way to build trust and bond with a new baby dragon.

Today, Rocco is still learning to bond with humans. He has come a long way, and we are excited to see who will adopt this little fireball.