Apollo is a rescue in our foster home in Michigan. Unfortunately, he was in poor condition when his foster family found him. He had a tiny 10 gallon tank, no UV lighting, and was fed a poor diet. As we started to care for Apollo it was clear that his muscles were weak from the lack of mobility in the small tank. His body size was well under what it should have been for a 2 year old dragon. This was from of his poor diet and lack of UV. We were immediately concerned about metabolic bone disease and other conditions from malnourishment.

We were able to get Apollo to the vet and checked out. They performed x-rays and blood tests. We were very happy to learn that despite his small size, Apollo’s bones are strong. He is, otherwise, a healthy rescue.

Today, he is still with his foster home, getting nourished and cared for. He is now building up his muscles. He is able to run around and explore his 40 gallon tank, and enjoy monitored “free-roaming” time at his foster home.

Great news for Apollo, his foster family fell in love with him and made him officially a forever part of their family!