Sprinkles is another foster dragon on the east coast. Bad breeding practices made Sprinkles deformed. She was the result of uninformed breeders trying to breed and sell “zeros” or white bearded dragons.

Disfiguration occurs when genetic information of the bred dragons is unknown. Sprinkles was born without the proper formation of her back legs and hips.

Once she was in our care, we quickly took her to a vet to determine her health and quality of life. She is not in pain and is able to put herself around with her from arms. Luckily, all of her organs are well formed and fully functional. We were so delighted to hear that overall she is a healthy dragon.

We are currently in the process of looking into a cart for her back legs to help her and her mobility. She is a lively dragon, who enjoys eating, chasing bugs and basking like all normal dragons. As she grows, we will be excited to see how her body progresses.

We hope that people learn from Sprinkles’ story, that breeding dragons should not be done lightly or without the proper information and set up. Most dragons born deformed don’t even make it past the first day, those who do often have cruel lives. Please, if you intend to breed bearded dragons, do your research and don’t breed carelessly.

Luckily, Sprinkles will stay with her foster family, as her forever home.