Melvin came to us with Midge. Melvin has an interesting story in that, we do not know how old Melvin is. The previous owners said they rescued Melvin as an adult from an abandoned home.

However, those owners did not hold Melvin. He was not used to human contact when we got him. They had Melvin for three years at the time when they gave him to us.

When we got Melvin, he had been living on wood chips and had very clogged femoral pores. We cleaned out his pores and put him on paper towels. Soon, it became apparent that Melvin had ingested a lot of wood chips. Therefore, he was severely impacted.

We took Melvin to the vet. He strained until he was able to slowly pass some of the wood chips. We continued to help him as he passed all of the wood he had eaten. It took almost two weeks for him to pass all of the wood.

Today, Melvin is a healthy dragon. Also, we helped him build his trust with us and other humans. He is sweet and loves when we hold him. All he needed was someone to take the time to love him.

UPDATE: Melvin has been adopted and is now in his forever home! We are so happy for him!