Midge came to us with another rescue, Melvin. Midge was about three years old when we got her. However, she was not held very much by her previous owners.

Because of this, Midge did not like human interaction. She was healthy but was defensive when approached. Therefore, we have been working to tame her and get her used to human interaction.

Midge is a beautiful and feisty dragon. Since we have had her, she has made huge improvements. We are now holding her like most dragons, while making sure we respect her when she is not in the mood to be messed with.

We are glad that we were the ones who got to help Midge trust humans. She is still by no means a cuddly dragon, but when you respect her space, she is happy to be around people in a calm environment.

Midge would love a home with a human(s) who is calm, likes to relax, and will feed her horn worms. Her favorite foods are of course hornworms and her salads with greens and squash, and the occasional raspberry (her favorite fruit).