We were contacted by a local family who had Zora. She was found outside in Utah and taken in by a family in the Las Vegas valley. Soon after getting Zora, they started to research the proper care for her and realized how much work a dragon can be. Zora also had a tail injury that they wanted to make sure that she got treated.

At the vet

With Zora’s tail being necrotic, we took her immediately to the vet to check for signs of infection and other issues. Within a few days, Zora had surgery to have the tip of the tail removed. Since then, it has healed perfectly and Zora has become a joy in the rescue room.


Zora is one of the funniest bearded dragons, and she has the sweetest temperament. She is happy to be held by someone as much as possible and will eat anything in sight (and we mean anything, so we have to be careful!). We call her “the Princess” because she is often sitting on her tippy toes and looking up at us with her big eyes!

Zora would make a great therapy dragon, we are excited to see what the future holds for Zora. Who knows, you might even get to meet her and see her at the next event!