Eliz came to us with Vlad and Dominika. Like their stories, she was used as a breeder dragon. When she was no longer needed, the breeder dropped her off at a local pet store.

The vet

When we got Eliz, she was severely dehydrated and needed Sub-Q fluids to help rehydrate her. Similar to Dominika, she would not eat much on her own. We had to give her supplements to keep her alive.

Over time, we started to notice a difference in her behavior. It became clear that the reason she could not eat on her own, is that she is becoming completely blind.

The eye specialist

The foundation is fortunate enough to work with great vets. One of which is an animal eye specialist who has a special interest in reptiles. We quickly made an appointment at “Eye Care for Animals” here in Las Vegas to see what was going on.

Sad news

The vet unfortunately let us know that Eliz has cataracts and is completely blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other. There is no surgery for her small eyes and it was likely caused by poor nutrition early in life. She will eventually be completely blind and need to be hand fed.

Hope for Eliz

Eliz is a fighter and eager eater. She even has her picky moments when she refuses to eat her greens, like any dragon. Eliz is otherwise healthy and can still make an amazing and special pet. We hope that she will find an owner who will care for her and hand feed her like she deserves.