Dominika came to us with Vlad and Eliz. They were all dropped off together at a local pet store. The pet store was told that they were breeder dragons that they no longer wanted or had a use for.

These three are all some of the saddest rescues we have received. Dominika had mouth rot and looked malnourished. We worked on hydrating her and learning what we can do to help her.

The Vet

We took all three to the vet, Dominika seemed to have an upper respiratory infection. She was put on antibiotics. For the first month, we had trouble getting Dominika to pass anything. We syringe fed her to keep her alive, and eventually, she passed a piece of glass. We were glad that she passed it okay and we hoped that she would start to eat more.

More issues

Over time, something was still not right with Dominika. Her mouth healed but her nose was continually clogged. It needed to be cleaned out. It was full of sand and old shed. We had another check up from the vet and it seemed to be ok.


Dominika has continually improved since we have been able to tend to each issues as we found them. She is now eating on her own and gaining weight. We are so excited to give her the “ok” to be adopted!

Dominika has an amazing and unique personality. We do not know how old she is but we always joke that she acts like out “old granny” dragon. She is hilarious to watch as she hunts bugs and walks like a chameleon! We know that someone will love this quirky girl as much as we do!